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A solar power system is made up of multiple photovoltaic (PV) panels, a Dc to AC power converter (called inverter) and a rack system that holds the PV panels in place. - LG

Off Grid Solar System

To ensure access to electricity at all times, off-grid solar systems require battery storage w/c should replaced in 3-5 years.

On Grid Solar System

Grid-tied or on-grid are terms used to describe a solar system that is connected to the utility power grid.

Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar system combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. This system is grid-tied with extra battery storage.

Hybrid Offgrid Solar System

Hybrid solar system combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. This system is off-grid solar with utility backup.


Giving you affordable solar setup for your homes is our business.

Delivery & Installation

A week is given to prepare the materials for the project, and installation is done for a day up to one week time frame to finish considering the project size.

Responsive Maintenance

One month of FREE service maintenance and assistive troubleshooting for the clients is given. A minimal fee is imposed for onsite troubleshooting and maintenance.

Warranty & Guarantee

All materials and devices are brand new with 100% guarantee! Solar panels has warranty 15-25 years, batteries has 3-5 years, and other devices has 1 year warranty.


Let the sun pay your bills! Choose the package based from your load or budget!
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PV dependent


Both battery & PV

Hybrid Off-Grid

Battery priority

Free H2O

DC water pump


based on your loads


Electrical Engineer


PV Installer, Isabela

Godwin T.

PV Installer, Isabela

Jonathan Ian S.

PV Installer, Manila

Joebel C.

PV Installer, Cotabato

Oliver C.

PV Installer, Quezon City

Maria Cruzzette G.

PV Installer, Nueva Ecija

John Raymond T.

PV Installer, Quezon City

Jayson M.

PV Installer, Isabela

Roven S.

PV Installer, Mindoro Oriental

Levi L.

PV Installer, Davao Del Sur

Manuel A.

PV Installer, Batangas

Ruben T.

PV Installer

Piorello R.

PV Installer, La Union

Mario A.

Electrician, Isabela

Mhardy A.

Electrician, Isabela